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September 1, 2008

Nearby Lakes to Ashland, Oregon – Emigrant Lake & Hyatt Reservoir

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A scenic view of Southern Oregons beautiful Emigrant Lake

A scenic view of Southern Oregon's beautiful Emigrant Lake

Sunday August 31st was a beautiful clear day with bold bright clouds dotting the majestic blue skies.  We decided to visit two lakes within 30 miles of Ashland, Oregon – Emigrant Lake and Hyatt Reservoir.

A boat sails on the peaceful Hyatt Reservoir East of Ashland, Oregon

A boat sails on the peaceful Hyatt Reservoir East of Ashland, Oregon

It was a pleasure to discover Emigrant lake (elevation 2241 ft) only 6 miles to the Southeast of Ashland.  There were a modest amount of people sprinkled around various parts of the U-shaped Lake.  Some of the activities the lake has to offer are canoeing, fishing, swimming, picnics, boating, tent sites and an RV area.

We didn’t stay too long at Emigrant lake, but you can rest assured we will be back with more info the next time we do go there.  Our second stop was Hyatt Resorvoir (elevation 5000 ft) whose 6 miles of shoreline are surrounded by the bold and majestic Cascade Mountains.  Although we don’t fish, the lake has rainbow trout, largemouth bass, brook trout and crappie fish.  There were a few small boats and canoes out as well as lots of campers braving the gusty chilly forest.

Creekside Dining in Downtown Ashland, Oregon

Creekside Dining in Downtown Ashland, Oregon

We visited the resort on the Northwest part of the lake and saw that there is some more cabins that are beign built.  If you love lakes, but not camping, then this resort would be the perfect match for you.  We couldn’t find anything (vegan) to eat at the restaurants, but the pizza looked very appetizing.

We ended the day with a walk in Lithia Park back in downtown Ashland.  First we entered Calle Guanajuato and had a bite to eat enjoying the Creek-side dining and then took a long walk through Lithia Park enjoying the deer we saw in the Japanese Garden.  All in all a very satisfying Memorial Day weekend.  Ahhhhh…..

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  1. What a great description of the 2 lakes near Ashland. Thank you. You bet we will be exploring them.

    Comment by Toni Smith — August 15, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

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